Solar Magazine: PV production in Belgium

Evocells, a thriving Belgian company in the solar panel industry

Evocells is pleased to announce its feature in an article in the prestigious Solar Magazine, a reference in the field of solar energy. We are proud of this recognition and delighted to share this news with our customers and partners on our website. We invite you to discover this article to learn more about our company and our ambitions for the future.
Solar Magazine: PV production in Belgium

Combating dependence on Chinese solar panels and European ambition

The European dependence on Russian fossil fuels has become problematic, particularly since the war in Ukraine. Europe now wishes to take control of its energy supply by focusing on renewable energies.


The REPowerEU plan aims to increase the share of renewable energies in the energy mix to 45% by 2030. The European Union aims to produce 40% of the domestic demand for renewable energies by 2030, with the Net-Zero Industry Act in particular.


This European ambition opens up new perspectives for solar panel manufacturers in Belgium.

Evocells, an innovative Belgian company in the photovoltaic sector

Fred Conrads, with 20 years of experience in business management, took over Evocells, a solar panel manufacturer located in Baillonville, near Durbuy in Wallonia.


Founded in 2013, the company emerged from an installation business unhappy with the quality of Chinese solar panels. As a result, they decided to manufacture their own high-quality photovoltaic modules.

Rapid growth and expansion of Evocells

Evocells' production has increased significantly in recent years, from 6,000 solar panels in 2015 to 30,000 in 2022. Fred Conrads aims to double the production capacity with the installation of a new laminator in July.


Moreover, Evocells plans to open a new 50-megawatt-peak factory in 2024, located in Luxembourg in partnership with Socom Group. This will cater to the growing demand for local products in the solar energy sector.

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