Photovoltaic installation

Installation Photovoltaique

Photovoltaic installation by experts!

EvoPv is our business for the installation of photovoltaic panels. Our team of experts will work with you to determine your electricity needs based on your past, present and future consumption profile. The project is therefore customised. We specialise in the installation of photovoltaic panels for individuals as well as for larger installations for professionals. We also work for communities.

Despite this, an installation can't be improvised. If you want to buy a product that will last more than thirty years, you can't expect to achieve this by making rash purchases.
Find out what we can do for you, depending on your situation.

I am a particular / a company:

The energy needs of a company are different from those of a home. This is why our sections deal with each situation differently.

Only 5 years to amortise your photovoltaic installation

Yes, it's still possible.
The speculative bubble of green certificates and excessive premiums is a thing of the past. Today, photovoltaics are installed for their true value, i.e. to save electricity.
As electricity is always becoming more expensive, and the cost of an installation is always decreasing, it is very easy to amortise an installation in 5 years.
This is a very short return on investment and one that will persist in view of the energy problems and the fact that the lifespan of a top-quality installation is estimated at over 30 years.
Consult us for a personalised offer and find out how this technology has become affordable.
Photovoltaic installation
Photovoltaique installation
installateur photovoltaïque

The operation of a photovoltaic installation:

Regardless of the location of your installation, the purpose of the photovoltaic panel is to capture ambient light and convert it into electricity. We will provide you with the right solution for your needs.
The principle is simple:
The light causes the photovoltaic cells to generate current.
The installation of an inverter converts the direct current created by your panels into alternating current. It can therefore be used by your everyday devices. So you produce your own output directly, and the savings are substantial! An injection into the electricity grid on high-yield days means that you will always be a winner, even if you do not consume all of your own production. Indeed, as of today, the network serves as a buffer.
In the future, it seems quite clear that direct self-consumption should be favored, as it is in most of our neighbours. No worries; we also have solutions for you.

The main advantage of Evocells is that we manufacture and install our own photovoltaic panels in a spirit of quality and durability, 100% made in Belgium and 100% carbon neutral.

Evocells masters the entire process from A to Z and offers you an efficient photovoltaic installation with warranties and a long service life.

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