Photovoltaic installation for companies

Installation Photovoltaique

The photovoltaic installation for your company.

Professionals need a professional service! That's why EvoPv supports you with the installation of photovoltaic systems for your company.

In addition to substantial savings, your company's green and socially responsible image will be enhanced. In just a few years, your investment will be amortised and will contribute to the success of your business.
Photovoltaic installation for companies

An eco-responsible image thanks to photovoltaics.

According to some studies, companies that adopt eco-responsible management, such as installing photovoltaic panels and clearly displaying the use of green energy for the operation of their business, would be able to convince proportionally more future customers to place an order with them.
At EvoPv, we are confident that this trend will continue to accelerate in the years to come.

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Photovoltaic installation

Beautiful savings but also a beautiful image.

The usefulness of a photovoltaic installation for your company is well established. It not only makes it possible to make the most of previously used spaces but also generates savings in operating costs.
The cost of energy continues to rise. It is therefore important for your company to take the lead. Each company has its own consumption footprint, and a suitable solution must be found.
Evocells supports you for real savings and a quick amortisation adapted to your company's needs. Whether it's an installation of twenty panels or up to several hundred or thousands, there's always an installation to suit your needs.
With our 100% Belgian panel production, we can help you achieve your goals. Methods of making an installation profitable are as follows:
…. how long it takes to make an installation profitable: about 5 years!

A personalized study for your photovoltaic installation for business:

An installation should not be considered without a review of your company's operating and consumption profile, as well as the available roofs and electrical installations.
Mistakes could be costly if these points are not thoroughly investigated. During construction and during the life of the installation, the legislative rules are complex and must be respected.
Our team will accompany you from the pre-project stage and throughout the life of your installation so that you can make the most of your photovoltaic installation.
Photovoltaic installation for companies

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The major advantage of Evocells is the flexibility of manufacturing and installing our own photovoltaic panels.
Evocells masters the entire process from A to Z in order to offer you an efficient installation with guaranteed performance and a long service life.

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