100% Belgian / CO2 neutral

Your 100% Belgian and 100% CO2-neutral photovoltaic panels!

Find out how Evocells became the first carbon-neutral photovoltaic manufacturer.

Concerned about climate issues, Evocells has drawn up a carbon footprint with the help of CO2 Strategy to measure the impact of all our activities on the environment. Indeed, it is no longer enough simply to measure and control our energy consumption. It is now essential to put in place a real strategy to reduce our carbon emissions.
The Bilan Carbone® (Carbon Footprint) consists of accounting for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to our activity. Taking a broad scope, we were able to determine the CO2 emissions of all the processes in our company.
The breakdown of our emissions will allow us to set up continuous and permanent actions with our employees to reduce our CO2 emissions.
CO2 neutral

Graine de Vie NGO!

Graine de Vie is a Belgian NGO whose objective is to compensate for the ecological footprint of the inhabitants of our industrialised countries by planting trees in developing countries. Graine de Vie has already enabled the planting of more than 15,000,000 trees in Madagascar on over 150 reforestation sites.

100% Belgian and 100% carbon-neutral Evocells photovoltaic panels!

We now know that the manufacture of a panel generates 322 kg of CO2 and that it will take about 4 years of energy production to offset this. Photovoltaic panels are, therefore, good for the planet as their production of electrical energy is completely carbon neutral after 4 years.
Today, we have decided to go even further and compensate for this balance during the manufacturing process by planting, via the NGO Graine de Vie, 4 trees per photovoltaic panel delivered! Indeed, trees are one of the only natural methods of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.
With this gesture, we want to demonstrate our commitment to reducing climate change and offer a 100% CO2-neutral product.

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