Photovoltaic installation for private individuals

Installation Photovoltaique

A photovoltaic installation service for your home.

Any home, regardless of its size and level of equipment, consumes electricity! That's why Evocells supports you with the installation of photovoltaics for your own consumption.
You are wondering whether it is worthwhile, whether it is a sustainable investment and what the price of a photovoltaic system is. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote for the delivery of photovoltaic panels, a photovoltaic installation and/or electric charging stations.
home installation

Here are some advantages:

home installation

On what support:

Is it profitable?

The answer is definitely yes.

Green certificates are long gone, various premiums (e.g. Qualiwatt) have disappeared, but the most important thing is that the simple saving of electricity, the price of which is constantly rising, allows a return on investment of less than 5 years.


Our Flemish neighbours invest three times as much as the Walloons in photovoltaic energy, even though there have been no incentives since 2011. It also gives your home added value.

home installation
Your energy installation

How much does a photovoltaic installation cost :

Photovoltaic green electricity is now cheaper than all other forms of energy production, so make an appointment now with one of our experts; the quote is free and personalised.

"Performance" panels (>410 Wp) or "Design" panels (Full Back) for your home. For more technical data on our panels, you can go to the photovoltaic manufacturing tab by clicking here.

Make an appointment now with one of our experts; the quote is free and personalised.

Some examples of our installations in private homes:

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If you're looking to contact our team of installers closest to your company, feel free to fill out the form below. Our team will be happy to contact you.


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