Company charging stations

Charging station

Installing charging stations for your company

Evolink is our industry that focuses on the installation of charging stations for businesses. A charging service for you, your employees or your customers will become a significant business asset.

Indeed, by positioning your business as a potential charging point, you are likely to attract customers who will discover your business. In addition to this benefit, you can provide the service for free or charge your users for the use of your facility.
Company charging station
Company charging station

Some unexpected benefits:

The practical and commercial aspects can no longer be denied. However, your business can go even further!
The installation of charging stations on your company's site will allow you to gradually renew your fleet and switch to 100% electric vehicles.
This change is very welcome and favored by the Belgian tax system, which offers non-negligible advantages on your profit and loss account.
Company charging station

Photovoltaics and charging your batteries

The installation of charging stations for your staff should ideally be part of a sufficiently broad and integrated approach with a photovoltaic installation that will provide real savings and optimise the management of your electricity production.
Cheaper fuel will have a positive effect on your staff's transportation costs. It is possible when installing your new charging stations to take into account any changes in your needs and to incorporate them into the installation.
Evolink will help you target 100% self-consumption and benefit from government support.

Do you want an installation for your business?

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