Charging station

Charging station

Recharge your electric car at home or at work.

Electric mobility and energy autonomy are becoming a model for society. This is why it is worth considering the installation of a charging point for electric vehicles.
Evocells has chosen to expand its product range around solutions in connection with photovoltaics. The use of a charging station in parallel with your photovoltaic panels offers only advantages. The same as for its photovoltaic panels, Evocells chooses the best components available on the market for its Evolink division in order to ensure the long service life of the chosen technical solution.
We work with different manufacturers and partners depending on your needs and the situation (pre-existing charging stations, connection to the photovoltaic system, load balancing, detailed reporting and payment solutions).

I am a particular / a company:

Your business needs differ from those of a home. This is why our sections deal with each situation differently.

A charging station for your home or office:

Do you want to charge your car at home or at the office? Nothing could be simpler; Evolink equips you with a new-generation charging station.
This will allow you to enjoy total autonomy when it comes to your electric vehicle. A simple electrical outlet would be like playing with fire for your installation.
Increased electrical safety for both your building and your electric car. Respect for the batteries as well, as they are too expensive to be damaged.
Charging station
car charging

Why a charging station ?

A charging station coupled with photovoltaics:

Evolink helps you aim for self-consumption with our solar panel installations, which are particularly effective when you live in an isolated location. Many autonomous photovoltaic installations have already been built by Evocells.
The residential battery can be a solution to increase self-consumption or install part of your consumption off-grid. A thorough study must then be carried out according to your needs in order to allow a profitability calculation specific to your situation.
Reduction of energy costs;
Charging station
electric car

Would you like a charging station?

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