The Design Photovoltaic Panel

An Aesthetic and Sustainable Cutting-edge Technology

Discover the Design photovoltaic panel from Evocells. In the world of clean energy, solar panels are increasingly sought after for their energy production capabilities. At Evocells, we are not content to just follow the trend - we are pushing the boundaries of innovation.


Our range of photovoltaic panels includes the Design and Performance models. We cover a wide range of needs while respecting our commitments.


In this article, we are going to highlight our Design photovoltaic panel. The result of our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. This panel embodies our vision of a cutting-edge technology that combines aesthetics and durability.


Its sleek design and remarkable technical characteristics make it an ideal solution. You will be able to produce your own green energy, doing so with style and efficiency.

The Design Photovoltaic Panel

Robust and Elegant Design

Our Design photovoltaic panel is particularly distinguished by its 3.2 mm anti-reflective tempered glass. In addition, it has a black anodized aluminum frame, giving it robustness and elegance.


The black PET-Coated backsheet and the IP68 junction box guarantee optimal resistance to weather. Despite these robust characteristics, the panel only weighs 22.5 kg, thus facilitating its installation.

Performance and Reliability

With a maximum system voltage of 1000 V DC, our panel is in the 0/+5Wc positive tolerance range. Moreover, our technology ensures a maximum load of 2400 N/m2.


Indeed, this guarantees a stable energy production even in unfavorable weather conditions. We have also integrated 3 bypass diodes of 18A to ensure the reliability of the panel.

Respect for the Environment

This photovoltaic panel has been manufactured respecting a zero carbon footprint. This allows us to confirm our commitment to preserving the environment. Furthermore, our production process is European, with an annual inspection of our factory.

Certifications and Guarantees

It is certified by the IEC 61215 & IEC 61730 (2016) standards, ensuring its compliance with international quality and safety standards. In addition, we offer a total warranty of 25 years and an 85% linear Pmax warranty for the same period.

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