Evocells, the first European Zero Carbon panel of more than 400 Wp composed of half-cut 182mm multi busbar cells.

First European Zero Carbon panel:

First European Zero Carbon panel
First European Zero Carbon panel

For the past few days, our production line has been radically evolving towards the future.


We have received our new photovoltaic panel production machines. Despite some cold sweats during unloading, they have found their place in the factory.


Thanks to the investment of a new stringer, lay-up and auto-bussing, Evocells will soon manufacture next-generation panels. Indeed, these machines will allow us to produce panels made up of 182 mm multi busbar cells (i.e. M10), the very latest generation of photovoltaic cells.


Through this acquisition, Evocells aims to remain at the forefront of global photovoltaic technology and to offer its customers a high quality photovoltaic panel manufactured in Belgium and more precisely in Baillonville.


A few more finishes and as a European premiere, Evocells will put these new panels on the market.

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