Common Myths About Photovoltaics and the Facts that Debunk Them

The myths about photovoltaics

In this article, we will shed light on the myths about photovoltaics and the facts that debunk them, so you can answer any questions you may have.


Myths about photovoltaics can be misleading and discourage people from making the informed choice of installing solar panels..


However, these myths are often based on outdated or inaccurate information.

Common Myths About Photovoltaics and the Facts that Debunk Them

Myth #1: Photovoltaic panels only work on sunny days

Photovoltaic panels can produce electricity even on cloudy or hazy days. However, the amount of energy produced may be less on overcast days. Nevertheless, solar panels can still produce electricity thanks to the light that is diffused in the clouds.

Myth #2: Photovoltaic panels do not last long enough to justify their cost

Photovoltaic panels are designed to last for several decades. Additionally, many solar panel manufacturers offer 25-30 year warranties on their products. And, thanks to their durability, many photovoltaic panels can last even longer than their warranty.

Myth #3: Photovoltaic panels are too expensive to be affordable

The cost of photovoltaic panels has significantly decreased in recent years and continues to do so. Additionally, many subsidies and financial incentives are available to help homeowners cover the cost of installing panels. And, once installed, the panels can help reduce electricity costs over a period of several years.

Myth #4: Photovoltaic panels can't be used in cold or snowy climates

Photovoltaic panels can function in a variety of climates, whether they be cold or snowy. In fact, panels may even function more efficiently in cooler climates as they are less subject to heat and overheating.


Myths about photovoltaics are often based on outdated or inaccurate information. Contact Evocells to learn more about the benefits of installing panels and how we can help you make the informed choice for your energy future.


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