The profitability of photovoltaic panels in 2023

Your electricity production; why?

Discover the profitability of photovoltaic panels in 2023. Many criteria and received ideas come to mind when you want to place photovoltaic panels; the price, the absence of premiums, …


We tend to still ask ourselves if it is profitable to place photovoltaic panels.


However, this installation will allow you to create your own green electricity production for your home. Placing your panels remains a very profitable investment over the long term, even without premiums.


However, you will need to take care of several criteria, in particular a good orientation.

The profitability of photovoltaic panels in 2023

A profitable investment

In Belgium, your installation of solar panels can no longer be supported by subsidies. However, other players can come into play to provide you with a profitable investment over the long term; green certificates, compensation.


The conditions of these players obviously depend on various factors such as the power of your installation or your place of residence.
Before your installation, we advise you to find out about the granting of these according to your region.

100% covered consumption

With an installation of photovoltaic panels, you will be able to manage all your electricity consumption. However, it will be necessary to take into account various points necessary to arrive at this optimal consumption.


There is no secret, a good orientation of your home will be one of the key points to ensure 100% covered consumption. Also favor homes where the roof is large enough to accommodate the maximum number of panels. The larger and sufficiently sloping your roof, the more your consumption will be fully covered.


In order to help this process, it is important to minimize overconsumption by favoring efficient actions in your home.
Photovoltaic panels do not mean an optimal supply of sunshine, certainly the sunnier your region, the more your production will be optimal. However, with the right orientation and inclination, the installation of panels will benefit you regardless of the region.

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